Certification Test FAQ


The following questions are asked most often by candidates taking certification or licensure examinations delivered at Castle testing centers. If your question isn’t answered here, send it via e-mail to testing@castleworldwide.com and we’ll reply shortly.


  • How is my test score determined?

    The total number of correct answers determines your raw score, which is then scaled statistically to ensure that all versions of the examination are equal in content and difficulty.

  • How are passing scores determined?

    The actual passing score is determined by a criterion-referenced procedure called the Modified Angoff Technique. In brief, experts in a particular field review the examination questions and evaluate them according to how successful a candidate with minimally acceptable competency would be in answering them, which determines a minimum passing score.

  • How and when will I receive my test results?

    Practice test results are available immediately on your computer. Some proctored, online examinations also may be immediately scored and the results available at the testing center. Other online examinations may need to be returned to Castle for additional analysis. For these examinations and for all paper-and-pencil examinations, the average wait for your scores to arrive via mail is about four weeks (five weeks outside the U. S.). This takes into account the time needed for answer sheets to be returned, scores to be calculated and score reports to be printed before Castle can finalize and mail score reports. For candidates who didn't pre-register for a paper-and-pencil examination and paid by personal check, score reports are held 30 days for checks to clear before being mailed.

  • Can I get my scores over the phone?

    No. Test scores are confidential and will be disclosed only by mail to the original registrant. We cannot disclose scores or pass/fail status via fax or telephone to anyone.

  • Can my scores be sent to a different address or to anyone else?

    Test scores are confidential and are released only to the candidate and only to the address stated on the original application. Scores can be mailed to an alternate address if a written, signed request is received by mail or fax from the candidate. However, scores will still be addressed only to the candidate.

  • What should I do if I haven't received my scores after four weeks?

    Before calling Castle, consider the following: (1) Did you pay the correct fee? If not, you must remit the fee to Castle before your scores are released. (2) Did you recently change your address? If so, call Castle at 919.572.6880 to be sure we have your current address.

  • If I pass the examination, will I receive a certificate or license?

    It depends on the type of examination. A candidate who successfully passes a certification examination will receive a certificate from the sponsoring organization. For licensure candidates, states may impose other requirements before granting a license.

  • If I don't pass the examination, will special or personal circumstances be considered?

    No. It isn't possible to determine the effect special or personal circumstances may have on performance. All candidates must achieve a passing score to obtain certification or licensure.

  • May I request a rescore if I miss passing by just a few points?

    Yes, some organizations offer rescoring for paper-based examinations. Please view “Candidate Services” to print the proper form for your organization. Submit the form and the correct processing fee to Castle. Please be aware that manual rescoring rarely differs from that obtained through automated scoring.

  • If I need to retake the examination, how soon may I register?

    You may register to retake an examination at any time, provided your retake request is received by Castle by the registration deadline. Remember that some organizations test on demand, while other organizations test on predetermined scheduled.

  • What are the hardware and software requirements to navigate this site and take online practice tests?
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    • 16 GB available disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit) -- just for the OS
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    • Screen resolution of at least 1920x1080 (1080p)
    • Minimum: Windows 7
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    • Printer