Certification Programs

Castle provides relevant and up-to-date certification programs driving organizational success.

Technology is driving new and complex job requirements at accelerating speeds. With the vast diversities in different professional specialties, continual training helps close the skills gap for employers. Providing relevant and up-to-date certification programs can drive organizational success.

You can rely on Castle’s 30 years of experience to design, develop, and deliver a certification program in accordance with NCCA and ANSI ISO/IEC 17024:2012 accreditation standards. Castle offers a full-service solution to develop and successfully launch a valid, reliable, and legally defensible certification program.

A job analysis is the cornerstone of a sound, defensible certification program. The purpose of a job analysis is to clearly define the components of a particular job or role and to delineate the knowledge and skills that are essential for competent performance in that profession. In addition, the study will provide explicit test specifications for use during the examination development and assembly processes. The methodology that Castle applies to the job analysis study has strong legal defensibility.

Castle adheres to industry best practices when developing and validating new examination items. Castle’s item writing process includes multiple reviews to ensure quality and results in formal validity data for each item. Throughout the test development process, Castle maintains validation checks to ensure that the examinations developed are valid and reliable measures of the knowledge required.

A valid certification examination must have a defensible passing score. The cut-off score that separates examinees who pass from those who fail is based on the minimum competence required to protect the public from harm. Castle applies a criterion-referenced approach, which ensures that the certification examination’s passing point is linked to the required proficiency level while considering the overall difficulty of the examination. To ensure the ongoing reliability of the certification program, summary and item performance statistics are evaluated on an ongoing basis.