Interim Rule for Secure Testing

The United States Copyright Office is creating confusion and consternation in the testing industry by publishing a new rule due to take effect on July 12. This rule would shut down the secure registration of banks of test items. This will make acquiring secure copyright status more difficult and costly for publishers of fixed form tests and effectively impossible for computer adaptive tests.

What makes this situation particularly frustrating is that the public comment period on these changes runs through December 11, 2017. As of today, the Copyright Office intends to implement these damaging changes five months before the public comment period ends.

Castle firmly opposes the new rule, which is damaging to our clients, to the testing industry, and ultimately to the public interest. Please click here to view a letter from Castle’s CEO Jeffrey LaRiche to the Acting Registrar of Copyrights placing Castle’s objection to the rule change on record.

If this matter is important to your testing program, we invite you to express your views on this matter directly with the United States Copyright Office at the address on the attached letter.

Castle will continue to press for the interests of our clients and the testing industry at large.