Castle is known for proctoring services that are designed to fit each program’s unique requirements.

We have been driving innovation in proctoring services since we were founded in 1987. As a leader in testing center proctoring services, Castle has expanded our delivery capabilities offering remote Live Online Proctoring (LOP) and event-based proctoring services.

Live Online Proctoring refers to the use of the internet and automated processes to produce a secure solution for monitoring test takers remotely on a 24/7 basis. Live online proctoring (LOP) has dedicated personnel that are responsible for closely monitoring and recording candidate’s behavior in real-time. Castle’s proctors are authorized to end an exam if they deem necessary. Castle’s online proctoring records a candidate’s audio, video, computer screen, and keystroke information ensuring the highest level of security for live online proctoring.

Event-based proctoring allows for group testing at a meeting or conference at any location with sufficient connectivity. With this option, you are able to test at locations and during time that align with key conferences or meetings where your candidates are already gathered making your testing activity all the more efficient and convenient.

Castle proctoring services platform allows customers to deliver exams to multiple devices in a variety of venues. Whether a test-taker and proctor are face-to-face in a Castle test center, at a conference location, or are remotely connected hundred miles apart, Castle’s proctoring system ensures the same high-level security and controls.

We support a variety of proctoring environments including brick-and-mortar testing in more than 1,100 Castle sites worldwide, live online proctoring 24/7 from anywhere in the world, and event-based testing according to our clients needs. Learn more about Castle’s customized proctoring services today.