Psychometrics Services

Castle’s psychometrics services are the backbone of reliable credentialing and assessment programs we develop and deliver for our customers.

Our decades of psychometrics expertise provide our customers with a sound and legally defensible examination programs. Castle psychometrics leaders play an integral role in defining industry standards for test reliability, validity, and data integrity. The psychometric team is recognized for our leadership and continued contributions to the psychometrics services industry. Our team is skilled in a wide array of psychometric models and statistics, but understand that each one of our customers has their individual requirements. Our most successful clients operate with an openness and transparency with Castle. This allows us to develop a more tailored psychometric solution in order to meet all of your specific needs.

Our psychometric experts go beyond the science with a personalized team approach. We effectively support each one of our clients with our considerable psychometrics experience taking the time necessary to understand each clients’ program. Castle is a global leader in psychometrics assessments and solutions. Talk to us about a customized solution we can work to develop with you today.