Learning Solutions

Castle understands that your program needs to be designed around your business goals and your learners. Through our customized approach, we achieve this balance. We design, develop, and deliver the right suite of learning solutions for your program that is both timely and expandable.

Our Learning Solutions Include:

  • e-learning development
  • Training material content conversion
  • Instructor-led training development/Train-the-trainer instruction
  • Assessment-based Certificate Programs

Our Assessment Tools Include:

  • Summative exams
  • Formative quizzes
  • Embedded exercises to reinforce learning objectives

Castle keeps you involved.


Because we know no one knows your program’s subject matter better than you do, Castle’s Client TouchPoint Process keeps you engaged with our team of experts through every step of program development. It ensures the gathering of all the vital information needed to build a unique solution that has the structure, approach, and look-and-feel your program requires.

Castle uses the Scientific Approach of Psychometrics and Instructional Design

We take the scientific approach in developing your custom learning solution to make it more effective. Our team of psychometricians and instructional designers craft a solution for your program’s unique body of knowledge with your learners in mind.

Job/Task Analysis of Your Program

The initial step in creating a custom learning solution is a job/task analysis (JTA) or role-delineation study. The analysis identifies the abilities needed for successful job performance, which ensures that the education and/or examinations to be developed are effective.

Under the direction of Castle learning experts, JTAs are conducted in two phases. First, subject matter experts (SMEs) define the primary knowledge and skills required of the professional. Second, professionals currently working in the field review and validate the SMEs’ view of the profession.

Content outlines/blueprints and examination specifications are created from the JTA process. Castle instructional designers then use this information to begin crafting your custom learning solution.

Instructional Design of Your Material

Instructional design is the process that maximizes instruction through the analysis of specific learning needs and systematic development of learning materials.

Castle instructional designers look to mathetics, or the science of learning, as architecture for effective instructional design. They use technology and multimedia to help ensure that instruction is deliverable and retainable for your target learners.