Live Online Proctoring

Secure and reliable test delivery
from a partnership you can trust.

As a leader in the licensing, certification, training, and test delivery industry for 30 years, Castle has recognized the demand for a secure, online exam-delivery solution that satisfies your organization’s needs and the scheduling flexibility your candidates want. That’s why we have partnered with B Virtual Inc., a front-runner in live online proctoring (LOP) that uses cutting edge technology and operations to bring LOP test delivery to the next level of security and convenience for your organization and your candidates.

What is Live Online Proctoring?

LOP allows your candidates to take their online test from their home, or any quiet and distraction-free location, while Castle’s live online proctors monitor their behavior throughout the session. In addition to active monitoring by proctors, all candidates’ computer systems and screens are recorded for review purposes. This includes audio and video of the candidate, video of the computer screen and activity on the computer before and during the exam.

What is the Difference between LOP and Remote Proctoring?

Unlike remote proctoring that records the exam session for review after the test is completed, live online proctoring dedicates a LOP to closely monitor and record your candidate’s behavior, in real time, as he or she takes his or her exam. Proctors fully authenticate candidate identity and view via webcam the testing environment thoroughly.
During a LOP test session, all computer activity is monitored by the proctor and recorded. Castle’s proctors are empowered to end an exam at any time, if aberrant behavior is detected. Because your candidate’s audio, video, computer screen, and keystroke information are also recorded, if post-test conduct questions arise, all data is reviewed and made available to you.

How does Castle Protect Intellectual Property and Deter Cheating?

Castle uses the same high standards in LOP that they enforce in its test sites. Castle protects your intellectual property before, during, and after exam delivery by offering multiple layers of protection to prevent test theft and deter cheating. Backed by PASS, Castle’s secure testing engine, our guidelines focus on security throughout all stages of the examination process.

  1. Your candidates’ identities are fully authenticated, and systems are viewed and validated before the secure testing session begins.
  2. Your candidates must perform a webcam security sweep of their testing room.
  3. Your candidates’ behavior, software, and computer activity are monitored by a live online proctor and recorded before and during the exam for review purposes throughout the testing session.
  4. Exams are delivered via Internet-based testing to ensure that no examination content is downloaded to your candidate’s computer.
  5. Castle’s trained proctors monitor no more than six candidates at a time.
  6. Proctors can terminate a candidate’s exam at any time, if aberrant behavior is detected.
  7. Recorded data from the testing session may be viewed if aberrant behavior is suspected.

How Does LOP Help Confirm Your Candidate’s Identity?

Validating your candidate’s identity is important when a test is delivered by any method. Castle’s solution is equipped with several monitoring and technology safeguards and options to assure candidate identity validation.

  • Proctors use the webcam to view and record approved photo IDs of candidates.
  • Proctors may ask candidates public record questions that provide an additional layer of authentication.
  • Your candidate’s picture may be uploaded during the registration process, used as a reference point for the photo provided during testing, and may also be published on the score report or final certificate.
  • Proctors may also monitor your candidate’s identity using voice biometrics, a process that captures a candidate’s voice print through an easy, automated phone call during the registration process and again at the time of testing.