People completing testing or training deserve recognition for their achievement. Castle offers two forms of recognition to serve its clients’ stakeholders.


Castle prepares and distributes personalized paper certificates and wallet cards to initial passing and renewal candidates or others achieving a client-based milestone. Certificates will be customized for each client, are suitable for framing, and include the candidate’s name, certification number, and date of certification expiration. Certificate mailings also may include other items, such as lapel pins or printed material, which the client may provide for Castle’s distribution to the candidates.

Digital Badges

Why Digital Badging?

In today’s digital world, professionals want the option to share their credentials online.  Digital badging does just that. It allows your candidates to immediately display secure and verifiable digital badges across professional and social networking environments to recognize achievements and establish credibility in real time. As an issuing organization, these interactive icons give you market and brand exposure in professional and social networks.

What are Digital Badges?

Digital badges are third-party verifiable icons that are packed with information or “metadata” about the issuing organization, as well as when and how the credential was earned and when it will expire. They can represent accomplishments such as knowledge competency, attendance, participation, or the completion of a professional credential.

To bring you the most reliable and secure digital-badging service possible, Castle has enlisted BadgeCert Inc., a leader in digital credentialing and professional recognition, for the delivery, management, and verification of our digital badging services. Digital badges have gained significant traction in the credentialing industry, and BadgeCert’s reliable security and verification capabilities will protect the integrity of our customer’s credentials.

How are They Implemented?

An organization will work directly with Castle to create a unique digital badge for each of its credentials. As credentials are earned, Castle’s integration with BadgeCert’s technology will award the verified credential. The earner may begin securely sharing the badge in social networks and with individuals to gain recognition for the accomplishment. Digital Badging is a win-win for your organization and your candidates.

What value do digital badges deliver?

For the Candidate

  • Verification of skills and expertise in real time: Digital badges allow employers, colleagues and licensing boards to verify an earner’s credentials with a single click as well as convey underlying qualifications needed for earning the badge.
  • Distinction in the job market: The badges help earners distinguish themselves when looking for jobs by showcasing their validated skills and expertise in a modern way.
  • Convenience: Badges offer a convenient way to digitally record, store and share certifications and experiences online.

For the Issuing Organization

  • Branding and market exposure: As earners share their badges with others, the issuing organization is able to market its programs and build its brand.
  • Risk mitigation: Digital badges are 100 percent verified and authenticated, protecting the integrity of each credential. And as the credential expires or is not renewed, the badge will become inactive.
  • Analytics: Issuers are able to analyze your market impact by reviewing badge sharing, clicks and views.