Secure, Reliable Test System

Software Designed by Castle

Castle uses its own system for test delivery. PASS was developed and is continually maintained by our software engineers to take advantage of today’s technologies. PASS is proprietary software and is hosted exclusively by Castle for all of our delivery options, including testing sites, practice test environment, and its online, remote proctoring solutions. The reliability of PASS is greater than 99.9%.

PASS supports advanced item formats such as hot spot, drag-and-drop, simulation, case study, and content sets. It displays rich media, captures oral responses, and supports more than 26 languages for true global reach.

Internet-based Testing versus Computer-based Testing

PASS is a secure Internet-based testing system. Secure Internet-based Testing (IBT) has the following advantages versus Computer-based Testing (CBT):

  • Immediate examination content uploads
  • High-speed delivery to an infinite number of test sites located anywhere in the world
  • Minimal site hardware requirements
  • No content “footprints” left on the delivery computer or at the site via distributed servers.

Secure Data

Examination data is delivered via secure socket layer (SSL) encryption technology. The examination questions are loaded one by one on the candidate’s computer. Test security is ensured through configuration management and controlled loading and availability.

As candidates complete questions, their responses are captured immediately in Castle’s array of fully redundant database servers. In the unlikely event that Internet connectivity is lost, PASS returns candidates to the exact spot in the examination at which they performed their last keystroke.

In addition to test results, PASS records extensive data, including the number of times a candidate touches each item, the time spent on each item, changes to answers given, and whether or not an item was marked. This information provides a basis for sophisticated statistical analysis.

Testing Worldwide

The Castle testing software allows distribution of certification and licensure examinations online anywhere in the world that has Internet access.

Ease of Use

PASS is very easy to use. Castle’s demonstration module walks candidates through all of the system’s features and functionalities and allows them to become completely familiar with the system. In addition, PASS permits candidates to mark items for review, go to previously answered items, go to specific items, and review answers before submitting the test for scoring.