Test Delivery Options

Castle has expertise in delivering tests via a variety of methods. Its standard test administration procedures meet or exceed all requirements set forth in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing provided by the AERA, APA, and NCME (2014); these procedures are continually evaluated to ensure quality, consistency, and security. For proctored tests, proctors ensure order and fairness by following rigorous standards for test administration. Our security practices begin with requiring a government-issued photo ID and a Castle confirmation notice to verify the candidate’s identity. Our proctors are trained to detect and act on any impropriety that might compromise test security or interfere with candidates’ concentration.

Internet-based Testing

The success of your program requires reliable, convenient testing, which is the reason the Castle system was developed around the power and flexibility of the Internet. Castle can deliver and proctor tests at our facilities or at clients’ facilities. Castle offers approximately 500 testing locations throughout the United States and Canada and another 400 locations internationally. Castle’s existing domestic network provides very strong coverage, and Castle continually monitors testing trends and recruits new testing centers to stay ahead of client and candidate demands for specific locations. In the more popular locations, Castle establishes additional sites as necessary to in order to serve the demand. Castle’s site network is infinitely scalable and flexible to meet the needs of our clients’ windowed or on-demand testing schedules.

Paper-and-Pencil Testing

For companies, clients, and candidates who prefer paper and pencil examinations, our extensive network of testing sites means that we can deliver proctored paper and pencil certification and licensure examinations to candidates almost anywhere in the world. Or, if desired, we can administer paper and pencil tests in a location of your choice.

We are so confident about the effectiveness of these measures, Castle actually guarantees security throughout all phases of examination transportation, storage, and disposal of examination materials. Read more about Castle’s paper-and-pencil testing services here.

Online Testing (Non-Proctored)

Castle offers non-proctored, online testing services as well. For those testing needs, such as for practice tests, Castle offers the same secure testing software, online and non-proctored.

Live, Online Proctored Testing options

Castle offers live, online proctoring services. Live, online proctoring provides 24/7/365 scheduling and delivery, system check, identity authentication, and monitoring and recording of the test taker, the environment, the computer and its processes. A client may also choose to augment remote proctoring security with only candidate webcam video and audio. In that option, the proctor authenticates the candidate and ensures that the connection and recording are established before leaving the session. The video and audio sessions will be available for post-monitoring and auditing for 15 to 30 days.