Test-Site Security

Castle’s test sites and its continually trained and certified proctors ensure a secure and consistent environment, one that is conducive to the best possible performance by the candidate. Castle sites have limited and monitored access to ensure that only qualified candidates can gain admittance to the facility to take the examination. All sites are continually monitored for meeting our high standards for security, proper room size, ventilation, sufficient number of left-handed seats, accessible restroom facilities within the test center, controlled smoking areas, and noise control. Over 350 of Castle’s U.S. test sites have video monitoring and recording capabilities.

Castle’s proctors are highly-qualified individuals who have considerable experience in test administration. They are formally and continuously trained in proctoring and administering high-stakes examinations to ensure a high degree of consistency during the test administration.

Castle’s testing center personnel closely monitor candidates during testing, including check-in, scheduled breaks, and check-out, to detect and report any examination malfeasance or disruptive candidate behavior. Any unusual, disruptive, or unwarranted activity by a candidate is immediately addressed by a proctor. In the event of an examination irregularity, Castle’s proctors follow a strict procedure to address, document, and report the irregularity.

Test-Site Security and Biometric Services

Government-Issued ID

Castle’s trained proctors validate every candidate’s government-issued credentials through an efficient and secure multi-step process.

Optional Photo Biometrics (Photo Image Tracking)

Castle captures an electronic photograph during the application or registration process. Castle will incorporate the photo on the candidate’s confirmation notice/admission ticket to the testing site. The candidate’s photo will be displayed on the computer screen during the proctor check-in process, and during the testing session, and the testing organization may integrate the photo into the candidate’s score report and final certificate. Including the candidate’s photo on the candidate’s score report and / or the certificate provides strong evidence that the candidate who sat for the examination is the one actually practicing as a certified professional.

Optional Voice Biometrics (Voice Recognition)

Castle captures a candidate’s voice print through an easy, automated phone call. This voice print is stored in the candidate’s record and checked again at the test site, and again through an easy automated phone call. The automated system immediately analyzes the voice sample to determine if it matches the initial sample. Castle’s voice biometrics service provides a high level of reliability in authentication, over many of the other choices on the market that do not match the sample to any previously captured database.

On request, Castle can suggest locations for test sites on the basis of a ZIP code analysis of candidates who register for the examination.

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