Expert Test Development Services

Accustomed to the rigors of legal defensibility, Castle’s psychometricians draw on proven methodologies and cutting-edge theory to produce valid, reliable test results.

Putting together a valid, accurate, and legally defensible examination is a painstaking process. We have an excellent reputation for the entire process, including steps such as:

  • Job analysis and role delineation studies
  • Consultation on subject matter expert recruitment
  • Survey design and development
  • Test specification development
  • Item writing
  • Item writing training
  • Item banking and examination assembly
  • Standard setting/passing point determination
  • Content validation studies
  • Editorial and psychometric review of items
  • Examination evaluation and analysis
  • Proctor/rater training programs
  • Candidate handouts and study guide development
  • Examination printing (for paper-and-pencil exams)
  • Certificate design