Testing Services

Castle’s testing services delivery quality and consistency in a fast-changing world

Organizations today require test development solutions that are reliable and legally defensible. To ensure short and long-term success, we offer a complete and configurable testing services solution for you. The one size fits all approach within the test delivery and testing services arenas do not always work best. Your organization has very specific test delivery needs which likely include: high-stakes testing, high-stakes assessment, online testing services, and secure testing.

We partner with each customer, seeking to understand their specific testing service requirements, by conducting a review to understand your specific wants and needs better. This allows us to develop a unique testing services approach that aligns with your organizational goals and mission. The review clearly identifies your organization’s requirements including exam development, online practice tests, and computer-based testing delivery options. Our experience in high-stakes testing provides you with a highly consultative process to building a certification program or an exam that meets your special needs.

Testing services in Castle’s opinion should not all be the same. Our personalized testing solutions create confidence that your exam development, testing services, and test delivery are being met with the highest quality products and services available in the certification and licensure industry. Contact us today to learn more about how we can develop a testing services solution specifically designed to meet the challenges you’re facing today.