Why Castle? Transparency, Trust, and Expertise

Transparency and Trust are two essential qualities that Castle’s team demonstrates every day to our testing clients and their candidates. Expertise is what you can rely on from our psychometricians and innovative technology at every stage of your program’s maturity. All of Castle’s best-in-class technology tools are based on a single, integrated platform completely designed and built in-house under the expert guidance of our psychometricians and software developers working side-by-side:

▪ Castle ADE®, the industry’s most powerful item writing and banking tool;
▪ Castle Connect®, a highly configurable credentialing management system that reflects your organization’s unique style and brand;
▪ Castle PASS®, the most reliable and secure internet-based test delivery system; and
▪ Castle ContentLock™, the next generation browser lockdown that enforces a secure testing environment while capturing examinee activity to detect aberrant behavior.

Castle’s technology architecture was conceived and developed with our clients in mind. We design our services to sync with one another in a single platform that ties all your services together from beginning to end. Examinations are loaded just one time for all test delivery solutions, including testing at your facilities, Castle’s domestic test sites, Castle’s international test sites, or through live online proctoring. One of our clients commented that bigger isn’t always better and shared the following, “Instead of selling us an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution, the experts at Castle worked closely with us to cultivate a purposeful certification program that is tailor-made to suit the unique needs of our organization.”

Castle assigns a Client Services Executive (CSE) as your primary contact to maintain transparent and consistent communication with your organization so that every action regarding your program is coordinated and expertly executed in each Castle service area. As your advocate, the CSE will listen to your needs and respond in a timely manner.

We keep our promises because we understand that you are counting on our expertise and ability to smoothly and successfully implement, manage, and grow your testing program. The dedication of the Castle team, along with the most reliable technology and renowned expertise in the testing industry, fosters the high level of trust that our clients place in us.

Contact us to discuss your program’s testing needs and explore how together we can establish a trusted long-term partnership to grow your program.