Practice Test FAQ


The following questions are those that are asked most often by candidates taking practice tests. If your question isn't answered here, please send your question via e-mail to and we'll reply shortly.


  • Why won't my user ID and password work?

    Both the user ID and the password fields are case sensitive. Please make sure you’re spelling them both exactly as they were spelled during the registration process. If you’ve already registered but you cannot remember your user id or password information, please click “Forgot Password?” to recover it.

  • What happens if I lose my Internet connection during the practice test?

    First of all, don’t worry! If you lose your connection, your browser crashes, or the computer stops responding, your answers have been saved. Once your computer is working properly, log into the website just like you did the first time. Once you log in and are at the “My Tests and Training” page, click on the “Take Exam” link and then follow the instructions to pick up where you left off on your exam.

  • Is there a way to "pause" the examination while I look at the help file again?

    The test cannot be paused during a timed examination. For tests without a timer, the test may be stored and you return to the test later.

  • When do I get my results?

    The test is both administered and scored online in “real time.” So once you complete the practice test and submit it for scoring, you receive your results immediately.

  • I hit the “Take Test” button but nothing is showing up. What do I do now?

    First, make sure that all the items in your task tray are closed except for the browser window(s). If your exam is not in your task tray, make sure you’re running one of the recommended browsers; if you’re not running a recommended browser, please try to upgrade your browser and then log into the site again (you will not have to repurchase the practice test). After you’ve upgraded your browser and logged back in, you’ll be taken to your account page — click on “View Unused Tests” and you should be able to resume the test where you left off. You also should check for pop-up blocker software enabled on your computer; if the software is present, please disable the software temporarily while you take your online practice test.

  • I submitted the test for scoring, but haven’t yet received my results. How can I retrieve my results?

    If your browser crashed during the submission process, or for some other reason you need to get back in to see your test results, all you have to do is log back in. Once you are at your "My Tests and Training" page, click on “View Results.” Your submitted test should appear there and you can follow the link to see your old results. If for some reason the browser crashed before the full submission was complete, then instead of clicking on “View Results” click on “ View Unused Tests.” All of your old responses will be there, and all you need to do is submit the practice test again (click Submit and then type “Yes” and hit the OK button).

  • Do I need anything special in order to take one of these practice tests?

    All you really need is a recent browser with cookies, JavaScript, and popup windows enabled on it. Cookies and JavaScript are “on” by default on most browsers, but you can check for sure by clicking on “System Requirements.” We also have a list of links to common browsers that are used on our site. Please just make sure that you have the latest version of whichever browser you use, to ensure compatibility and security.

  • I took Version 1 of a practice test. Should I take Version 2?

    Although some questions will be similar across the practice examination versions, they do contain slightly different content and many candidates feel the need to be exposed to as many practice questions as possible. For example, candidates often take the first version to determine their strengths/weaknesses, use that information to focus their study efforts, and finish up by taking the second version. It’s up to each candidate to determine whether the material in the second practice examination is worth the extra expense. It’s important to know that the results obtained from practice examinations do not guarantee that similar results will be obtained on the actual certification/licensure examination.

  • I didn't get my results. What now?

    If your results are not displayed after you submit your test, a popup blocker has blocked your results. To see your results, log back into the practice test system and click “View Results” next to your test.

  • My test results don’t have enough information. May I have additional results information?

    The contents of the test results are determined by the sponsoring organization, not Castle. If you’d like additional results information, please contact the organization sponsoring the practice test.

  • Will I see practice test questions on the actual examination?

    No, questions from the practice test will never be used on an actual certification exam.